‘What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

Mary Oliver


A weekend of creativity and play

Byron Bay Community Cabin, on the 31 August – 1 September

Muscles hold memory and the body doesn’t lie. When we write from our bodies, we reach a deeper, more authentic place in our work. Spend a weekend exploring the stories only you can tell. Write from your core. Write into the dangerous places. Find the wilder parts of yourself, let that loose on the page and see how your writing starts to sing.

Using a range of literary and meditation techniques, we will move gently through hesitation to find a deeper place from which to write and create work that is powerful, honest and passionate. This is a hands-on workshop. Bring what you need to write.



And everything you need to know to make it happen

Ballina CWA Hall, September 21, 1pm-5pm and 22 September 10am-3pm

Writing is an act of love. To write well, we have to pay attention and paying attention is one of the purest ways to love. Over two days we will use literary and mediation exercises to help you write your story with power and authenticity. Find your themes, your voice and the spine of the story. We will explore the elements of powerful scene writing; create characters you care about; work with plot, pace and structure to build your story; learn where to start your book and how to finish it; and practice productivity and empowerment tools for writers. You will leave the weekend with a solid body of work, the shape of your story mapped out, and a way forward to write the book that only you can write. Dive deep and create work that matters. This is a hands on workshop. Come ready to write.


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