‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

― Mary Oliver



Over six sessions, we will write a complete story from beginning to end. Each week will include exercises to take you from dreaming and playing, to planning and outlining, through to writing a complete first draft of your short story.

The course will also help writers writing a larger work, such a memoir or novel, to develop structure and motivation.

Each session will focus on an aspect of the writing craft including:
– Character and plot and how they intersect
– Dialogue that reveals character
– Point of view, tense, plot and structure:
– The art of seeing. Finding wonder in the everyday
and bringing that into your writing life.
– Publication: sharing your work with the world

Macleay Island Progress Hall. Mondays 9.30am-12pm, July 30 to September 3.

These workshops are hands-on. Come prepared to write.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers.

$145/$115 for all six sessions. Bookings:



“I am so grateful for Natalie’s workshops.  I found them incredibly helpful and instructive.  She taught us some great tools for creating a story that I have continued to use and, through these, she gave me the belief that I could write. Receiving tips for writing from an expert was the aim of the workshops obviously but the overriding memory I have from all of them was one of huge fun and great energy.  If you have the chance to go to a workshop with Natalie, please go and give your soul a real tonic; learn whilst being uplifted.” Emma Nyman, Ubud

“Natalie’s writing workshops are infused with her enthusiasm and joy for writing. She offers students a range of ways to approach writing that allows them to go deep. Her workshops provide a fun and safe space to explore writing regardless of experience. I highly recommend them!” Julie U’Ren, Darwin
“I am so grateful for my time with Natalie. She was able to pull from her real life experiences to create beautiful empathetic connections with her students that cracked us open to explore and take risks. She was there with us and shone a light on only the things that were needed.” Colleen Schell, Ubud, Bali
“Natalie is an exceptional mentor, with a metaphorical suitcase of tools that she passionately and unconditionally shares, in a nurturing and fun space.” Aly de Groote, Darwin