2021 Finalist, Glendower Award for an Emerging Queensland Writer, for The Luminous Heart

Judges’ comments 

‘The Luminous Heart’ is a beautifully written semi-autobiographical novel about one woman’s experience of moving to live on a small island off the Queensland coast with her young daughter. It is full of wonderful observations and reflections on human nature, friendships and family, as well as unexpected local drama as our narrator comes to realise she’s now living in one of Australia’s ice capitals.

2020 Shortlisted, Furphy Award, for Volkswagens

2019 Shortlisted, Wollongong Writers Festival Short Story Prize, for Light

2016 Asialink fellowship 

2015 Shortlisted NT Literary Awards, Flash Fiction Award, for The Feel of Men Close Up

2014 Winner NT Literary Awards, ZIP Print Short Story Award for Dark Water

2013 Winner NT Literary Awards, CDU Travel Fiction Awards for It Feels Like Happiness

2012 Winner ABC Open Fiction Prize for  Reading the Rude BitsThe prize for this was a painting inspired by the story and painted by a NSW artist. Here’s the video of how it happenedABC Open Winner.

2009 Short-listed Marian Eldridge Award

2008 Short-listed Marian Eldridge Award

2002 Short-listed Australian/Vogel Awards for the novel, Gracenotes

NT Literary Awards 2014. Parliament library Darwin. Photo Shane Eecen Creative Light Studios

NT Literary Awards 2014. Parliament Library Darwin.

Photo Shane Eecen Creative Light Studios

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